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Site Upgrade - Gander International Airport

Removal of the sites old pump, and installation and integration of a new one into existing fuel system. [...]

Site Upgrade - Nav Canada - Remote Site, Newfoundland

Installation and preparation of bulk storage tank with overfill alarm. [...]

Site Upgrade - Nav Canada - Remote Site, Newfoundland

Installation and preparation of bulk storage and day tank with overfill alarms. [...]

Site Installation - North Atlantic - Sandy Cove, Newfoundland

Site installation. Installation of two new above ground tanks,new pumps, monitoring system, and forecourt control. [...]

Site Installation - Sheshatshiu, Labrador

Installation of all new fuelling station. New below ground tank, new pump installation, monitoring system, forecourt control wiring. [...]

Site Installation - Strickland's - Churchill Falls, Labrador

Installation of two new above ground tanks. Setup of pumps, monitoring system, pump control console and removal of sites old tanks. [...]

Site Upgrade - Woodwards - Happy Valley-Goose Bay NL

We removed the old concrete pad to improve water managemant of the tanks sumps and repoured a new pad in its place.  [...]

Site Upgrade/Pump Install - Woodwards - Port Hope Simpson, NL

Installed two new above ground storage tanks and plumbed them in. Installed one new pump along with re-installation of the existing site pump onto a new concrete island. [...]

Site Upgrade - Shell - Carbonear, NL

Erected a new hose retracter to allow a much longer hose to be installed onto a fuel pump. [...]

Response - West of Lewisporte Junction on TCH

A tractor trailers load was lost off of the platform and had damaged the road side. This was removed and the road repaired. [...]

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