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Archive: 2014

Response - West Of Lewisporte Overpass, NL

In April we responded to a single-vehicle accident 4kms west of Lewisporte overpass on the TCH. A transport truck went off the road and down over an embankment. Engine oil along with diesel spilled from the truck once it came to rest. We proceeded to[...]

Decommission - Tank Farm - Gander, NL

In May we started the dismantling of all piping, pumps and filter vessels from an aviation site that was closing down. This job involved draining all fueling systems on the site, cleaning the interior of two large fuel tanks and removing all pipe and[...]

Tank Cleaning & Inspection - Woodwards - St.Johns, NL

In May we went to the east coast to conduct four tank cleanings at an aviation site. This job consisted of draining the tanks, locking out, venting, gas testing, cleaning and putting the tanks back in service. The tanks were vertical tanks which requ[...]

Site Upgrade -Gander Bay, NL

In June we started a site upgrade on a service station site. We installed a new double wall fiberglass underground tank, underground piping, pumps, and a Veeder Root system. We constructed new concrete aprons and pump islands. [...]

Response - North Of Gander, NL

In June we responded to a two-vehicle accident on route 330, 10kms north of Gander. One vehicle involved had its gas tank punctured which caused gas from the tank to spill onto the side of the road. Our crew worked quickly to clean the surface of the[...]

Site Upgrade - International Airport - Gander, NL

In June we began an upgrade of fueling systems at four different locations around an airport for their heating units. We installed a double wall fuel system, sumps, and a Veeder Root tank monitoring system. [...]

Tank Cleaning & Inspection - Shell Aviation - Stephenville, NL

In July we traveled to the west coast to clean five aviation tanks. The tanks were horizontal and top entry, we used the tripod & winch method for entering these tanks. This job involved pumping fuel out of the tanks, locking the tanks out so no [...]

Site Upgrade - Gander, NL

In July we completed a site upgrade at a town depot. This job involved us installing a new fuel tank along with a new pump and piping. We also installed a Veeder Root system for tank monitoring. [...]

Site Upgrade - Grand Falls Windsor, NL

In August we installed at new card reader system at a refueling site in Grand Falls Windsor.[...]

Site Upgrade - Gander, NL

In September we started a site upgrade at an aviation site. This involved Jet A-1 tank cleanings, installation of new stainless steel piping, sample recovery tanks, probes, and a monitoring system. New gates were installed as well as new handrails ar[...]

Site Upgrade - Irving - Deer Lake, NL

In September we began a project at an aviation site. We conducted internal cleanings and inspections of two jet A-1 tanks. Welding had to be done inside one tank to install a flange. Once the welding was complete, we applied epoxy to any areas in the[...]

Tank Install - St.johns, NL

In October we began work at an aviation site. We poured a concrete foundation and pads and installed a Jet A-1 storage tank. Once the tank was in place we installed a floating suction, cleaned the interior of the tank, installed probes, water draw, s[...]

Tank Install - Lewisporte, NL

In October we began a project installing a new AVGAS tank. This project involved groundwork where we poured foundations for the new tank and also for a new pump, the sample can and filter vessel. When this was completed we proceeded to install the ta[...]

Response - Northwest Of Gander, NL

In October a car along with a transport truck went off the TCH 40kms northwest of Gander. The car did not spill any gas or fluids and was quickly taken from the site. Our crew then proceeded to pump out the three tanks of the transport, two diesel an[...]

Response - East Of Springdale Junction, NL

On November 2nd PES was called to an accident scene near Springdale Junction. A transport heading west went across the TCH leaving part of the trailer on the TCH & the truck down over an embankment. PES crews spread boom across a nearby body of w[...]

Tank Cleaning & Inspection - St.Lewis, NL

In early November we traveled to Labrador to complete four tank cleanings. The tanks which had to be cleaned were older and were not epoxy lined. The tanks were scraped, swept and vacuumed until all dirt and rust had been removed. [...]

Response - East Of Gander, NL

In November we responded to a multi-vehicle accident east of Gander, there was a leak as a result of the accident which we quickly cleaned up.  [...]

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